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Metal Roof Versus Tiled Roof

Metal Roof Versus Tiled Roof

Home proprietors in Melbourne frequently end up wondering which roofing material is most effective with regards to finishing a roof covering restoration or roof re-newel. Each material has its own rewards and disadvantages. Everything comes lower to design for the home, structural guidelines that should be stuck to, the part of the property, budget, and lots of additional factors. Let us discuss a couple of of the aforementioned pointed out.

Type of House

Your home was constructed with a particular style and design in your mind. The rooftop was or must have been selected to match the home. In stating that, the wrong or poor choice might have been initially made.

A classic Victorian style house might have had whether Terracotta or galvanized roof. When re-roofing, it might be silly to utilize a new concrete tile or vibrant Terracotta tile. The smart choice is always to choose a nice wealthy colour within the Colorbond range to fit your colour plan, or choose a neutral / earth coloured Terracotta tile.

Frequently, the council may have the ultimate decision in your roofing material. A home with a heritage overlay, will likely need to comply with guidelines requiring the rooftop to become galvanized. This is really true around suburbs for example Williamstown and inner city areas having a wealthy Victorian history.

Structural Guidelines

When choosing your roofing material, you will find structural factors that require be addressed. Are the roof trusses braced enough to aid metal sheeting? This will have to be checked out when switching from the tiled roof to metal.

Is the roof and house support sufficiently strong to aid the load of roof tiles? (Never within the situation in which a metal roof continues to be the initial roofing material).

In almost all re-roofing situations, the battens have to be restored also.


Clearly budget is yet another figuring out factor when choosing which roofing material to re-roof with.

Altering a roof covering from roof tiles to metal could be a more costly exercise than replacing with new roof tiles. First of all, the rooftop tiles have to be removed and discarded being time intensive and incredibly work intensive. Next, metal roofing (work and material) is really more costly than roof tiling work and materials much to many people surprise. The rooftop must be fully battened out using metal battens as well as an insulation foil to Australian standards must be installed.

An upright swap associated with a roof tile to new concrete is going to be the most affordable option. The cost increases with the caliber of the concrete roof tile.

Terracotta tiles are a little more costly again. An all natural or earth coloured tile is going to be the most affordable having a fully glazed Terracotta roof tile being the top range and quite costly.