What Type of Benefits Can You Get by Installing Pleated Blinds


If you find the traditional curtain boring and unimpressive, then there is a sophisticated solution available to you. This is pleated blinds. It not just works as a curtain to cover your window, but also imparts a stylish look to your house. A pleated blind can prove to be highly advantageous that you may not be aware of.

Help you control the amount of light

You can easily move voldikkardinad up and down depending on how much light and heat you want in your house. In spite of using the blinds, your room will still appear airy and bright. To make your room dark, you can go for dark color patterns and thick fabrics. This feature of blinds makes them energy efficient and help in saving on electricity bills.

Exciting designs

At Veepisar – akna- ja uksekatted, you can find pleated blinds in a wide range of designs and color to suit your style. These tailored and customized blinds take into consideration minutest needs of a room and preference of the customer. They are made to measure to provide the perfect fit to your windows. Thus, installation of pleated blinds not just complement the shape of windows, but also the entire style of your house.


If your house is located on a main road, or you have a terraced house, then in either case you may suffer inconvenience of people who pass nearby your house window. Pleated blinds offer extra privacy to house owners.

Enabled with remote control technology

Pleated blinds come with remote control technology by the help of which you can easily control the position of blinds from any place in the room. In addition to this, there are several more interesting functional and design features built in the blinds to choose from.

Reduce chances of allergies

Pleated blinds are a great way to keep the level of dust to a minimum. This makes it beneficial during the summer season when the pollen count is high.

Easy to use

Pleated blinds are an excellent option for houses and apartments. They are not only distinctive but also easy to use. They contain an aluminum coating that drives away heat and keeps your entire home warm during the winter season and cool during the summer season.

Protects from UV rays

Aluminum coating that is used to manufacture pleated blinds has reflective properties that prevent ultraviolet rays of the sun from entering into the room and destroying floors surfaces. This coating also aids in blocking the cold air from passing through window glass and keep the warmth intact in the room.


Looking at the benefits offered by pleated blinds, more and more home-owners are preferring it over other available options to cover their windows. Easy to clean, enhanced insulation, better protection from sun rays, and providing adequate light and privacy makes it the best suited option for modern age homes.

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Jacob Stone has written this article. Veepisar – akna- ja uksekatted is one of the most reputed sellers of home decoration items including voldikkardinad. We offer a remarkable selection of classic and modern style blinds that is not just stylish but also practical. Our functional and durable blinds are designed for use in both conservatory and windows. We provide a team of experienced professionals who are expert in designing and installing pleated blinds to meet your expectations in the best way.