Villas Are Back in Style: Here’s How to Invest in One


A Villa is alike a village on its own. Luxurious, in the country estates where one can escape from the day to day jostle of city life. The Roman noblemen did just that. They leave the Ancient city with its conniving politicians .These were like wealthy villages, self-sufficient, built on a grand scale, and often with expansive landscaping and vineyards.  The modern villa is no different, except for the phones, satellite television and the internet.

One of such villas can be found within the five thousand family strong Sea Pines Community made up of vacation homes, townhomes,  condos and of course, villas sold by Sea Pines’ own Ocean Front  HHI.

Now villas are palatial residences only fit for the ultra-rich and powerful. Perhaps an 18 year old dot com millionaire may be able to afford one. But it’s not just a status symbol. It’s also a matter of taste and preference. Back in the age of the Roman Republic and later the Roman Empire, politicians who owned this had slaves to maintain it. Unpaid labor whose little mistake could be punished by death either by hanging or crucifixion.

In the twenty first century, your grounds man will be asking for union benefits and probably sue you for your last dollar.

So what can you get on a typical villa? I am not talking about the suburban residential detached home. I’m talking about a small village in its own right.  It has farms, vineyards, large stretch of hunting land and residences for the managers of the estate.

So why would anyone in this modern era want to have that kind of property. Perhaps vanity, perhaps boredom or maybe too much money to spend so why not throw in a villa. But it sure is a valuable property to have. The grounds can be useful for ultra large events. Most of its food, water and other needs are produced and processed right on the grounds. Its homes fit for royalty, and the ultra-rich.

I have had the chance to walk through some villas with a couple real estate agency representatives. It’s a fun thing to do. But it opened my eyes to how well some people can live. The smell alone is to die for. With all the greens and freshwater, ripe grapefruit hanging on nicely manicured plantations; who wouldn’t dream of owning such a beautiful place.

If it appeals to you to own one of these villas and you have the money, Sacramento provides one of the finest weather systems in the world and some of the nicest villas can be found in Sea Pine. These are villas even the Medicis will be proud to own. And of course they come with all the modern gadgetry and state of the art security system. Of course in Medici’s Florence you might get an unpaid worker around the corner. But here, it’s just the unionized grounds man you can deal with. Still, it will be a great life to own one.