Things To Never Keep In A Home Safe


Home safes are a reassuring way of keeping items that are valuable safe from harm. Or are they? Home safes can be securely bolted to floors and walls and have advanced electronic combination locks that should foil any determined burglar. But experts suggest that certain items, primarily those that would be of interest to would be thieves, are better kept in the extra secure surroundings of a bank vault.

Hard Cash

Most people imagine that stashing a large sum of cash in a home safe is perfect for a rainy day. However, only a moderately small sum should be sufficient for any unforeseen emergency. Larger amounts are better deposited in a bank account where it could at least be earning you interest away from the hands of burglars.

Precious Metals

The popular image of a home safe being opened to reveal a nice, neat pile of gold bars with a value of thousands should remain as a fantasy. If a home safe was filled in such a way and burglars accessed them, then the financial loss would be great. Many precious metals in the form of ingots and wafers are easily transportable in types of emergency but a thief would be delighted to help out in that department.


Expensive items such as diamond rings and necklaces and even the occasional jewel-encrusted tiara are probably not worn frequently enough to warrant having them constantly at hand. Such items may have a monetary value but are often laden with a sentimental attachment that would be irreplaceable in the event of a theft. The advice is to store them in a safety deposit box.

Fire Proof Safes

Secure safes with a long extension of security during a fire are invaluable for the storage of documents and other heirlooms such as family photographs and items of memorabilia. If ever a security breach occurred, a burglar would consider these valueless and leave them in place. Documents such as passports, insurance policies and wills are perfect for home safe storage. Purchasing the right type of safe to keep your documents and inexpensive treasures secure i needs some thought but is ideal for protecting them against fire and flood. At least you would always know where to locate them! For expert advice on what you should and shouldn’t store in a home safe, contact Secure Safe who will be only too glad to assist.