Getting rid of rodents with pest control service


If you spot a rodent around your house, there will likely be more of them and you will need to call a professional pest control in Brooklyn if you live in Brooklyn. Rodents multiply very quickly and carry diseases. In fact, they chew on electrical cords, wires, books and your food. But the only way you can eliminate them is to call a pro pest control service to help you eliminate them and keep them from coming back.

Did you know that rats and mice cause tens of millions of dollars in property damage every year? Rodents are known to carry infections with their fur and when their urine starts to destroy your belongings, it’s never going to be funny. Brooklyn is home to a variety of rodents and professional pest control in Brooklyn has seen them all. With a safe and human rodent control, professional pest control service can help you keep these destructive rodents off of your property effectively.

Why you should control rodents

Rodents are nuisance pests including rats, mice and squirrels. The rodents that commonly come into conflict with people are:

  • Rats: Rats are dangerous not only because they can damage household items, they can also harbour and transmit serious diseases. In fact, they can introduce disease-carrying parasites like ticks and fleas into your home.
  • Mice:Mice often invade homes to look for food, warmth and But the problem with them is that they will not only eat your food, they will contaminate more food than they eat. When cooler weather sets in, mice look for a nice spot to settle into and eat food. The worst thing about them is that they can sneak in through the smallest of cracks under your kitchen sink, around your window casing or in your foundation because they see it as an invitation.

How do you keep rodents away from your home?

The most important ways of keeping rodents off of your property are to make sure your environment is clean, keep food source away from them, seal openings and keep cardboard objects away from them. When you do that, you have denied them an invitation to your home. Unfortunately, they will still find a way to get inside your home because they need food and shelter very badly.

If you spot rodent in your house or around your property, it is recommended that you call a professional pest control in Brooklyn to arrange for a consultation. Pro pest control service will not only address current infestations but prevent future infestations.