Electrical Installation of the Pool


Indeed, a pool is a water point, and everyone knows that electricity and H2O do not mix well. Here is what the standard says and some tips for the implementation of electricity around (and in) your pool: electrical panel, equipment, plug, lighting, electrical protection pumps.

The swimming pool, a specific point of the standard (NF C 15-100

The norm NFC 15-100 mostly used in France) grants a specific feature to the swimming pool: it is quite normal, since as I said previously, it is a water point, and where there is water there is an increased risk of danger related to electricity (the resistance of the human body decreases and this increases the risks of electrification).

Electrical Connections for the Pool

The information I am going to give you is strictly related to the standard.

Above all, it is necessary to rely on the information given by the manufacturer. If these data are more restrictive than the norm, then they must be respected (otherwise, it is the NFC 15-100 which takes precedence).

Circuit Breaker and Protection Gauge

The protection rating of the circuit breakers is to be chosen according to the terminal organs and their specificity.

  • Lighting: 10A (1.5mm2 wire section)
  • Comfort sockets 16A or 20A (wire section 1,5mm2 or 2,5mm2 depending on the number of sockets)
  • Specialized circuits under circuit breakers adapted to the power of the devices

The last sentence deserves examples. I choose for example this model of sand filter.

Calculation of the protection circuit breaker installation:

Sand Filter for Swimming Pool

The latter consumes a power of 400W. The specialized circuit will, therefore, consist of a 6A or 10A circuit breaker with an electrical connection using electrical wire of 1.5mm2 section.

Another example of taking a larger energy-consuming device, such as a 3KW pool heater.

The Heater Electrical Connection

The Electrical installation of the pool. In which some manufacturer’s manual does not provide any answer on the type of connection and the protection upstream, it will be necessary to trust only the power of the apparatus of 3000W.

A 16A circuit breaker dedicated to this heater with 2.5mm2 wiring will do the trick.

Another element a little more interesting? Why the heat pump? Because it is a rotating motor that can request a peak current at startup, and therefore have recourse to a circuit breaker.

For everything that is external equipment and fixtures, Mister Sparky Electricians MA advise you to choose quality equipment (especially in terms of lighting in which the water might show the poor quality of materials)

However, you don’t have to connect your pool yourself if you’re not a professional, to save you time and also avoid electrical accidents.